Friday, February 10, 2012

~It even has its sticker! Pyrex bowls.... another minty set of bowls!

Oh... they are gorgeous. Look how shiny and perfect! A beautiful set of MIB Pyrex mixing bowls. (these are listed for sale on eBay here...)
They even have their original Pyrex shipping box too!
And at this point with 5 hours to go... they are sitting at the price of $160.25.... 

To make things even better.... there is a minty primary refrigerator set here.... with their stickers and tags!


Mecky said...

Of all of my sets, I have no stickers. BooHoo. That would be a great addition, but I won't be shelling out money for them. I do have a set that looks unused and shiney!!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I also can live with a set of bowls being shiny without stickers too.

Yet, I am always amazed how a set of these Pyrex bowls never got used.

Did the owner just hate them? Or were they a duplicate set.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Wow! Wouldn' that be somthing! The box and eveything! Well, I'm thrilled with my not so shiny set.