Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I miss Winter.

Though it is February. And the weather should be remotely, wintery. It is not. It is 76 degree's. It is February 15 and it is 76 degree's. 

Now granted living in North Texas we rarely have extreme winter conditions... I am a girl that can appreciate a little cold. Especially after the brutally hot summer of 2011 we just lived through. The Summer that it did not rain for 4 months. 4 MONTHS... people!

Anywho... I was clicking through some pictures I had saved and came across these from last winter. From the first time it snowed. And for people who may not know much about Texas. Legit snow on the ground is not common for us. It is a rare treat. And normally it will be all melted away within 32 hours. Yes... hours. Our snow fall does not stick around. But it did last year. And it was wonderful, crisp and cold for a couple weeks.
Anywho... I was out in town about 3 days after the snow had fallen in 2011. And I took a couple of pictures. The picture above, is a wonderful old Queen Anne home that has been under renovations for the last decade. I suspect that this is being done, as the owners have time. But originally this house had been in sad shape. And the owners have done a wonderful job bringing her back to her glory days. 

Unfortunately, the church pictured below...has been in full neglect mode for the last 20 years. It was once the glorious Presbyterian church. And it still has the majority of its stain glass windows still in place. 
It just sadden me that the church has just been left to rot. When there could be so many uses for it. But I suspect that it was purchased with grand ideas that never came to fruition.

All of the stain glass panels have heavy duty plastic panes over them. Most likely to protect them from breakage and from being stolen. They are really lovely windows.
I also took these pictures last winter (2011) on my outing that day. The snow helps hides the condition of the grounds around the church. That have not been maintained.

And this whole post was done, because I hate warm weather in February! :) And I want to have some legit winter weather before March comes and kicks off our Summer. Which lets be honest... Texas' summers last till November.

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