Friday, February 10, 2012

The beer mugs.... the Depression green ones...

As I dig through boxes looking for things I can not find.... I do keep finding glass, I forgot I had. These are made of depression glass. They are part of a mug and pretzel jar set. I have always referred to them as beer mugs. Yet they do make excellent ice tea glasses.
These babies have been wrapped in paper for so long. That they have some odd residue on them. But I knew I was packing them back up, so I did not wash them. I have 8 of them. But I do not own the pretzel jar. 
I have looked for the Gene Florence book that I know they were ID in... and can not find the correct book. But it seems like these were either made my Anchor Hocking.... or my favorite girl, Hazel Atlas.
I did pose one of the mugs next to the large Fire King shaker to give you an idea how large the green glasses are in person. I have never seen anything as big as these drinking glasses (in depression glass).... but these mugs. 

I was once told that they had came in pink too. I have not seen them. But lord only knows... if I did... I end up paying a ridiculous price to own them. :)

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Hello Vintage said...

Gosh I love depression glass.