Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~Lefton.... the wonderful lady head vases...

I have posted her picture before... but I never really talked about her. So lets meet Pink Lady head vase.
So pretty. I wished her red lips were mint.... but it does not stop her from being fabulous.

This charming Pink lady was made by Lefton's. Which I tend to have a soft spot for the Lefton china collectibles.
There is a version of this lady in turquoise. And it is gorgeous. I wish I had brought it when I saw it years ago.
These used to be plentiful at the antique malls. (I swear eBay killed off so many antique malls.) There would be booths filled with nothing but Lefton's lady head vases. Kinda of creepy to see.... a couple hundred of these girls staring out at you. But they tend to be damaged easily and I prefer to buy them in person. Versus buying from eBay. 

Lots of red goodness....

I had mention over the weekend I had came across some older linens in my adventures last week. I purchased a few crochet potholders and some other misc vintage linens. This would be the only red item that I saw... and she came home with me. 

This little potholder is a ladies hat. I attempted to show off the design. But my picture is lacking depth to really show it off properly. 
I would like to wash this red potholder... but I am always fearful that the red will fade. And this is still a nice vibrant red. So I am going to let it be for now.
I also brought these pretty candle stick holders. The roses are still in wonderful shape. I didn't see any nicks in the roses and the color is such a good true red.
And the tiny bud in back is painted pink with red tips.
These are older Japan made (china) candle stick holders. So the glass has a really nice finish.
And it was such a good find to match up with the lovely red pot holder. 

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pretty plates on the wall...

I love Hydrangea's. I just love their beauty. I love how their color is based upon what is living in the soil. And this Hydrangea brush is so lush... and simply gorgeous.
As expected I have a few decorative plates. Beautiful plates that serve no purpose except to attract dust. And my favorite one is this one.
Those flowers are just divine. The quality of the hand painting is outstanding.
The plate is marked Bavaria. Flortensia/Hortensia is maybe the name of the pattern on front?
It is a wonderful design... and this plate hangs on the wall entering my kitchen. So I get to see it daily in all its glory.

So cute... a few new crochet pot holders...

Isn't she just too cute! And in such fabulous shape. Got to love the crochet potholder.

It has been awhile since I had seen crochet potholders in my adventures. With collecting, everything seems to go in cycles. I will seen tons of old linens (made prior to 1965) and then I won't see any for months. This week I saw a couple of cute things and bought them all.
And what is better than one crochet dress potholder? Well two of them!
Of course none of them will ever been used for grabbing anything remotely hot. Yet, I do see a future of them being displayed. 
There is a lot of detail with this crochet holder. And I love the combination of pink and green.
Then I found this sunny yellow potholder... with pink flowers. She has been used, so she doesn't want to lay flat. But I still like the looks of the design...
 Now here is a peek at my set of pink magnets... 
I have had these forever. And if I had any kind of nerve I would use them on my refrigerator. But I have a aversion with removing vintage NRFB items from their packages. 
So I just keep them hanging on the wall to brighten up my kitchen. In their original state. Living inside their plastic cover.
But they are sooo cute. And all pink! 

You can also see the cute shaker set... here... that I also purchase this week... 

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A lovely salt and pepper holder.... maybe an Apple?

This is a new one for me. It is a lovely salt and pepper set. And it has multiple pieces.
I am thinking this is a Apple. But who knows for sure. It has a pepper shaker on the left. That sits inside of the apple.
The the salt side... on the right... is a salt cellar. That has a small flower design spoon for the scoop.
How cute is that!?
I am assuming that the holder in front may be used to hold the spoon in also.
There is a green handle between the two apples... that looks like a wanna be branch.
Unfortunately, it does not have a manufacturer mark. So I have no idea who may have produced it. But it does look like a vintage piece of china.

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~Shenango.... Put a date on those cafe dishes...

Once again... I bring out my Shenango dinnerware. I had been on a quest to date this set of dishes. And I finally found a great site that helps with that chore. The RWCN had my answer...
Practically all of this style of restaurant/cafe dishware is marked by the manufacturer. Usually on the bottom of the dish... it will show the manufacturer stamp and a number combination in order to date the dish. My pink coffee cup is marked X18. Which translates to 1960.
The bread plates are Q12 and date to 1954.
Saucers are C10 and they date to 1952.
Dinner plates are F13 and that makes these from 1955.
And the pink soup cup are V16 and that would be 1958.
This one has me puzzled. It is also used on the bread plates I have... but it has no dates. It does appear that this style with the pink and gray ringed dishes were produce for nearly 20 years. I have notice the older pieces use a light gray trim. Versus the newer ones are a darker flat gray ring.
I did include my daily flatware in these photo's. It is a silver plate set called Anniversary. And I have been using it... for 20 years. I love this stuff. And it can still be bought cheap. And why use some cheap looking flatware... when I can use this!
I will admit it goes through the dishwasher. And I break down a couple times a year and clean it with polish. But that has not happen since last September. :)
And lastly.... here are my drinking glasses I use with my dinnerware. Of course these beautiful girls are from Hazel Atlas. I only have 6 of them. And I suspect they were sold with jelly in them. Which really distress my Mother that I use "old jelly glasses!!" to set a dinner table. 

They are wonderful addition to a pretty table. I did grossly over paid for them. I put out $35.00 dollars for them... in probably 1995. For six old jelly glasses. 

But dang it... they matched! And I have not ever seen anything like them since.

And if you are trying to ID some of your older dinnerware/cafe/heavy china dishes... be sure to check out this site. The RWCN....

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Jeannette depression glass.... ~Doric

Like all good collectors.... I have a depression glass pattern I have collected since the 1980's. The name of the pattern is "Doric" and was produced by the Jeannette glass company. Between the years of 1935-1938. And I have myself a place setting for 8. Today I am showing you the harder to find pieces of the pattern.... Like the tumblers...
I started collecting Doric, because it was just a amazing shade of green. When you see it in good natural light... it just glows. Lots of curb appeal. Plus I was not interested in collecting one of the depression pattens covered in flowers. I like the clean simple lines of this pattern. Yet, sadly it is prone to flea bites... (tiny nicks on the edges of the straight line pattern)
Yet, I still suck at taking pictures. I have tried, twice, to get better images of it. And failing both times.
This pattern was also produced in a wonderful pink shade. But I never bought any of it. The green was plentiful and I stuck to just buying the green.
I do use the covered sugar bowl and the covered butter dish... as candy jars on my end tables.
But make no mistake about it. I am not fond of anyone touching them. haha! And I would sh*t myself if they ever got broke.  So I keep watermelon Jolly Rancher, wrapped candies, sitting in a one of those pink rose ash trays for guest to take candy from...
So my lovely green Doric covered dishes, don't get handle much.