Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yellow Pyrex... the casserole...

This is one of my finds from last week. It is a medium size Pyrex casserole. 
The color is a soft creamy yellow. And I found it incredibly hard to photograph and get the color to look correct. It is in really nice shape. Without any noticeable scratches. And the first one of this size for me. 
My other casseroles are the larger ones. So I see this one as being a good bowl to make macaroni and cheese in.  

Then I found these sweet bowls....
The bowls are not old. But they sure are cute! They are made of Melmac and are measuring bowls. Their shape really appeal's to me. And they remind me of the blue Fire King bowls that I have coveted forever.   (image from here sadly I do not own them)
Those are some exquisite bowls. And I have never had the chance to buy them for a decent price. They have always been expensive bowls. So I have none. 

But I have these cute measuring bowls to humor myself with for now.
Yet, I hold out hope to get those Fire King bowls!


SixBalloons said...

That's an interesting buttery yellow shade - much more pastel than the Primary colour wouldn't you say?

I do love the shape of those bowls though, great find!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

It is a buttery yellow. Not nice vivid sunny yellow... or the crazy lime yellow shade. I will say it is a pastel yellow shade.

And I have issue's with getting anything yellow to photograph and not look washed out.

Charlene Austin said...

All these bowls are truly awesome! I am a Fire King girl. I have 2 sets of the blue colour but in the tall tapered version. They might be called splash proof? I'd LOVE to find the tear drop shaped ones.