Friday, January 06, 2012

Things that hang on the walls....

I wish I knew more about this mirror. I bought it years ago in Oklahoma at a estate sale. I don't think it started off as a pink frame mirror, as much as I think it aged to this color. I have never been able to decide if the frame is wood or plaster. Or a combination of both.

The silver backing has started to fade a bit. So I moved it away from direct sunlight and from over my fireplace. It now hangs in my bedroom. But it has the prettiest scroll work on the top, that gives it such a sweet traditional look.
And along with my lovely mirror I have this wonderful Turner print, hanging out of direct sunlight too. 
If you have not paid attention to these old fashion prints... they are really cute. They are watercolor prints that notoriously fade. This one is still bright and gorgeous. But I suspect it was because the print had slipped out of its matting. 

It you look at it closely you will see it sits a little cockeyed. And most likely, it got placed somewhere in the dark for many years, because of it. I looked into trying to straightening it up and figured out quickly to leave it alone. :)  So she hangs with all her crooked glory on the wall above my chest of drawers. 

Here are a few more styles of prints for the Turners. They really were popular at one point... and there are some wonderful floral prints that are common to the line. 

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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

That frame is great!

My friend twyla at two crazy crafters collects prints if you want to check out her blog. ♥