Friday, January 27, 2012

Ohhhh.... it's more shiny goodness!

My attraction to the shiny stuff is getting embarrassing. :) These are Revere Copper Utensil and/or pot hangers. A mint in box set of 6. This is the display box. But it will fold up for easy storage.
I love how these were marketed to the female wanting to decorate. Not just sold as a hardware needed for your kitchen... these were sold in the way to make the every day girl, feel like she knew how to decorate. Given many options to maximize the use of them.
Plus they came with their own nails. So all you needed was a hammer.
But of course they were so shiny. And were so attractive with their leaf design.
Plus how could a girl walk away from a box of shiny goodness!?! That would give her kitchen a great look.

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