Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh so pretty! .... My new quilt....

My new vintage quilt is so pretty. And very heavy. This is a new find for me. Located at a local estate sale.

The quilt is thankfully, in really decent shape. I am going to have to do some repairs where the threads have loosen in certain places. But nothing tragic is wrong with her. And I love all the use of pink and blue floral material in the blocks.
And to make her feel welcomed in her new home.... I have posed her with pink chenille, I bought a couple of months ago. And my wonderful vintage pink and white quilt. Who once again took time out of his busy day to pose with something new I have dragged home. 
I just love that vintage pink and white quilt. I have had it forever... and it is the one I use to wrapped up in when I am sitting in the living room in my favorite chair. I am waiting till it warms up, but I am going to use that pink chenille on my bed.


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

What a pretty quilt! Great find!

Anonymous said...

Was over on your other post for Pink Saturday and came by here to see your quilt(s). Very nice! Jenn