Monday, January 23, 2012

My new Pyrex oval... ~ Meadow ~

Since I have my new Pyrex book... I can actually ID my new oval bowl. This is the "Meadow" pattern. And isn't she pretty. This wonderful oval bowl was located recently by my Mother. Who made it a gift to me. I have been on this quest to buy some turquoise Pyrex. And here is my first piece!
First.... she is modeling with her cousin Pink Daisy. 
Then here she is modeling with her sketchy second cousin, once removed.... Glasbake Pink Dots. 

But I would not want to leave you without a little stack of Pyrex goodness....
There is nothing pretty than some Turquoise and Pink love!

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SixBalloons said...

I love that pale blue on white combo!!

Kristen said...

So pretty! I've just started collecting/buying Pyrex over the past 2 weeks. Nothing as cute as your new bowl but something will turn up!

Jill said...

Very nice!

kit and nancy. said...

oooooo i love pink daisy!