Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Jadite!

I do love the Jadite. No matter who the maker of it was... I love it. But I am very partial to Fire King's line of it. 

Sadly, I did not have the forethought to have bought more of it when it was still priced remotely fair. It has been grossly over priced since the early 1990's. 
These are just some random items I have out in plain site. Plus I included my (depression glass) green Kellogg's measuring cup. It is the one that resides in my flour canister.
But what I really like about Jadite is the shade of green that was used. There is something happy about this shade of green. So I tend to buy odd things in the same shade. Just because I love the color.
Like this Johnson Bro.'s bowl. It is similar to the LuRay dishes I have. So it blends in well with all the other dishes in the cabinet.
Since I was thinking about my Fire King glass... lets end this with some love to the dots and tulips that I adore.
Why isn't anyone making this kind of kitchenware anymore? I would be all over it if they were. I love the bright happy designs and colors. I am so sick of all the dark drab colors that have taken over the homeware/kitchenware departments.

Edited to add:  I love this kitchen renovation.... 
House of Turquoise.....


Sarah Lillian said...

I love love the color of jadeite too. I collect some jadeite but find myself decorating in that color tool. I'm toying with the idea of painting my kitchen a light jadeite green. So gorgeous when combine with creams and whites. You have some beautiful pieces!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I have been looking at green paint for weeks. I am wanting to use lighter green in the kitchen too. Then I saw this kitchen this week...

In some of the pictures the walls look blue... but others they look green.

I have it on my list to look at the paint in person... to get a better idea of how green it may be.

Sarah Lillian said...

LOVE that kitchen! Thanks for sharing.

Mecky said...

I love jadeite, too. I wish I bought more of it when it was cheaper. Anymore, I don't buy it unless the price is right.
(I had the kellogg measuring cup, too, but sadly broke it last year.)
I am enjoying your blog.

Go for it on painting your kitchen light green. I did 7 years ago and it still makes me smile in the morning when I walk in there. I am getting ready to repaint and am going with just a tad bit lighter, but will still be jadeite!