Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love the odd stuff.... vintage pink kitchen gadgets...

Oh, how I love the weird things. Especially if I can buy them in pink. Here I have a hard-boiled egg slicer. That I actually use. 
Yes, I am the weirdo, who even has this thing handy so I can make a beautiful Cobb salad. Or when I make potato salad. I will slice one of the eggs, just to decorate the bowl with... before I will place it out for others. It is all about presentation girls!
Next I have my handy chopper. That is a really well made item.
Its glass bottom is a marked measuring cup. It is really a smart tool to have around.

And here is my nut chopper!
It will crank right up and chop the heck out of pecans.
And things would not be complete in my kitchen... without a pink syrup pitcher.
What thrills me is that all of these are at least 40-50 years old. And now live in my kitchen where they are greatly loved.

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SixBalloons said...

Oooh wow, great finds! Love how they all coordinate together.