Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fire King... The Jadite mixing bowls....

This was the first things I owned, that was Fire King Jadite. You see way back in the late 1980's... my Grandmother had a stack of old mixing bowls.

Now this is the part of the story I need to mention, that my Granny had a metal storage building on the back of her property. That she let no one go in to. It was packed to the rafters. And the door could barely swing open. You know, the kind of place... the kind of place that you really want to get a good look at!

Anywho.... my sister and I were in town to visit her for the day. We had taken her to lunch. And on our way back to Granny's home, we stopped by a random sale.

A sale being held by one of the local antique collector ladies. Which was being held at her house. It seems this lady had a husband who wanted his 4 car garage cleaned out. It was packed full. So there was all kinds of boxes half way dragged out. Barely open. She had no interest in selling squat. hahaha! But he told her it was either sell it or he was taking it to the dump.

It is where I purchased my starter set of these! My precious Shenango dinner ware.
I bought the 4 piece place setting... for 4. There was four dinner plates, saucers, large pink cups and the coffee cup. My cost was $5.00 .......  And now that place setting consist of 9 pieces. Including the platter.
And lets not forget my 3 sugar bowls. And no creamers.  Oh I need help.
Any who. My Granny had a fit that I had "bought those old cafe dishes!"

Now my Granny had been a business owner for decades. She was the owner of many cafe's. So she was shocked that I would want "those old cafe dishes!" hahaha!  And that she had a building full of them at home. And I mention to her that she never offer to let me have any, so I was buying my own.  :)

So back to her house we all go. Granny must have been stewing all the way back to her house. As we enter the house she made the announcement that we all needed to go out back to her storage building.

Where she dug out this stack of vintage mixing bowls. There were bowls of many patterns. And she offer me and my sister our choice of bowls. "Since you insist on having old dishes in your kitchen!"  So I choose the Jadite. I liked the color of it. And I was on my crusade at the time collecting yellow and green dishes.

Granny had probably 6 old pottery mixing bowls. Which my sister, I believe, chose the pottery ones.

Anywho.... that is where I got my bowls. And only have them cause I had bought "those old cafe dishes!".
So these bowls are from my Granny's stash.

Best part.

These had been her Mother's bowls. And I have used them ever since I brought them home. Which was 23 years ago! OMG, How did I get to be this old.(early 40's)

My Granny died in 2002. At the age of 92.

And back during this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend (2011)... which I had posted about. I got this....
Which was the bowl I was missing from the set. But now I have packed it away and can't figure out what which box I placed it in. (figures)

But I did get surprise from my Mother. She picked this up for me recently.
The Fire King batter bowl. How sweet is that. I had been looking for a green one.... but am thrilled to have the white one instead.


Shortbread and Ginger said...

Great story - its wonderful that your Gran kept everything and now you have the memories to go with those lovely bowls.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

yorkie mom said...

Love your posts! They make me want to go thrifting and to garage sales.

Mecky said...

I have two of the batter bowls in jadeite. They use to be everywhere. I haven't seen them for some time. I am glad that you got the extra bowl. That is wonderful that your DGM gave you the bowls. My aunt gave me her's that is the second largest. She used it all the time, but when she knew I collected it, she gave it to me. I have several sets made up now, but I don't use them. I will when my kids are all out of the house!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Oh my Granny was a serious pack rat.

But her pack ratting was all kept either in that storage building or her own garage. Her house was flawless inside. But she wanted NO ONE to touch anything. haha! Her Mother, OMG, was a blue ribbon winner pack rat.

That is how my Granny even had all those mixing bowls. Her Mother had kept them for decades.

I will say this about doing the thrift stores. I prefer the independent ones the best. My local Goodwill's or Salvation Army's just don't have squat.

The fun 60's style glass wear never make it to the floor.

And I live in a very old town. With a huge old town area.

So the stuff is here. I see it in the garage sales/estate sales. But somehow it never shows up at the name brand thrift stores.

But it will at the local independent thrift stores.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Awesome bowls! Your grandma sounds like my mom. I'm sure she would get a kick out of my love for vintage if she was still here!

Come see me sometime! ♥

Sarah Lillian said...

Love the Shenango! I also collect Jadeite. The color is just so perfectly retro.

Jill said...

I found a white batter bowl this past summer, looks just like the one you have except mine is by Federal, I paid 50 cents, love it for pancakes!

SixBalloons said...

Amazing story. So glad you completed the bowl set!

SixBalloons said...
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Unknown said...

I have the matching green batter bowl to your set! If yours was pink I would trade you in a second! lol but, mine was my grandmothers too! So going to hang on to it!