Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cooking with the Home Economics Teachers!

I did a big thrift store adventure yesterday. I hit up 2 Salvation Army's, 3 Goodwill's and 2 Christian community based thrift stores... and came away with a few odd things. But odd things in a good way. I also came away with 3 piece's of Pyrex too. I will show them off this weekend. 

For now I am showing off a really interesting cookbook.  "Our Favorite Desserts from Home Economics Teachers". It is filled with recipe's that where submitted from Home Economics teachers nationwide. And it is the second edition!

If I was to guesstimate... I would say this was from 1967.

The thing that I immediately loved about this book was the recipes are so so simple. But as I was thumbing through the book at the resale barn... I came across this recipe....
How could I not buy a cookbook that offers up a recipe for "Mud Hen Cookies"?! I get so tired of seeing the same old recipes offered in the cookie sections of newer cookbooks. I never heard of "Mud Hen Cookies" ..... but I have a new recipe to try out, that I like the looks of...

Cost: 1.99 

Then I came across this vibrant carrot spoon rest. She is not vintage. But she is pretty!
Cost:  .59

And worth it! I love this shade of bright orange.

I was hoping the stores would have had a better selection out on the floor. They all get slammed with inventory in late December. (for the tax write off, it needs to be there by Dec 31)  So I am going to do another big adventure next week. Maybe there will be more to see.

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Deana said...

My fave cookbook is from a local church. They are very old fashioned - the women don't wear pants, cut their hair, use cosmetics, or take medicine. Everything in it is pretty much from scratch and delicious.