Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink's and Red's.... Scoops and linen's....

Aren't they gorgeous! These are some of my favorite's. The hot pink and red pot holder and wash cloth set. Now I use the pot holder all the time. But I have not used the wash cloth for its intended purpose. I just have not had the heart to scrub pans with it.
And I bought another red handle scoop. This time with a solid red handle. They are both 1/4 level scooper's. I am still thinking they will be a craft project. And will eventually be painted pink.
And I am still puzzled. By the fact I have never came across these scooper's in any color than red.

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Rawleigh's.... Medicinal, Personal Hygiene, Extracts and such....

Sometimes I buy things that I find fascinating. Even though this is claiming to be a cookbook. It is more of a sales book for all the products that Rawleigh's sold. The 1955 catalog. Isn't that a darling girl on the front of it. 
It is filled with a month to month layout for the entire year. Of course advertising all of Rawleigh's product's. The month of January is all about the extract's. It also gives pointers about the weather for the month. And believe it or not... it even has a zodiacal map for planting.
And if planting things in the yard is not your thing.... it has a fishing calendar.
How great is that! And here is the best recipe for January....
Fun facts about Rawleigh's History....

"Since 1889, millions of families around the world have learned to rely upon and keep Rawleigh's reliable medicines and other products on hand ready for emergencies to relieve sickness, pains, injuries and for their daily needs. 

For more than 110 years Rawleigh has lead the industry in bringing unique products to the consumer reflecting the latest research and technological findings known to man.
And it was even mailed to a nice lady in a neighboring county of mine....

I love the odd stuff.... Frigidaire Milk bottle cover...

Well, here is one more odd thing for the collection. This is a green depression glass milk bottle cover. Used back when your milk was deliver to your front door. In those old fashion returnable glass milk bottles. 

This was a promotional bottle cover from Frigidaire. I have only seen them in green. So I have no idea if there are any other colors. But it is a heavy piece of glass. And has a slightly frosted finish on it.

 And to keep it company, is the old insert from my Fire King mixing bowls. 

I bet you are curious if I have use for this odd thing... and I do!  I use it as a paper weight on my desk

Monday, January 30, 2012

Charming cups... Taylor, Smith & Taylor....

I consider these to be the perfect size cup. I use them constantly. And they are the perfect size to have on hand for dipping. I am one of those girls who hate to have gravy poured all over my food. I want my gravy on the side... in its own bowl. So I can dip at my leisure. Hence my love for these bowls.
I also use them as my tester bowl, as I am cooking soup, chili or a pot of beans. I am constantly testing the pot for taste, as it cooks. This is the bowl I will use through the cooking process.
I have the same kind of bowl in my beloved Shenango pink. But they (Shenango) are nearly impossible to find. 

So I started buying these TS&T bowls to have for dinner use. I had intentions of only going to buy the pink ones. But then I saw this amazing turquoise bowl this last week. And decided I needed some turquoise love for the cabinet.
TS&T is also known as Taylor Smith & Taylor. Who made an incredible amount of amazing dinnerware.  There is tons of it for sale on eBay.
These charming bowls were made in the full rainbow of colors. So you can find them to match any decor. 

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Corningware... Blue Cornflower....

I wrote about my large collection of Cornflower utensils back in early December. (click here) That I swore that I was not on some tangent about collecting Cornflower items. Well maybe I spoke too soon.
I have recently acquire a few of the Corning cornflower blue pieces. The pour/spout sauce pan. Along with two small individual size casseroles. One shallow and one deep. And all very very cute!  Oh, how I hope this is not turning into a new collection for me.
I still stand by my statement. That I only have these cornflower utensils because I couldn't find vintage pink ones to purchase! :) 

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Random Pyrex love.... Vintage Pink and Yellow advertisement...

Lot's of pretty pink and yellow loveliness... I need one of each please.
 Oh, how I would like to buy them at these listed prices. 
Seriously, why isn't there pretty Pyrex in great colors.... sold new anymore. I am tried of the ugly drab colors that has infected the home and kitchen ware aisles.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My love for the fire-on Pink!

I do have lots of affection for the pink fire-on glassware. 

From the pink Fire King and Hazel Atlas bowls...

to the Moderntone dinnerware... 
 I love the look of this glassware.
So of course I have a gorgeous Cookie jar made of the same fire-on pink. And it has the sweetest clear lid... with a flower shape molded into its glass.
Though to be honest... I don't keep cookies in this jar. I actually keep my packets of breakfast oatmeal in this jar.
And these imprints of gingerbread men and stars gives it lots of curb appeal. I am thinking this jar came in many more colors. I just happen to own it in pink. 

And just for more pink fun.... I am adding in Kewpie. With his vintage pink linen striped towel. 
He is just too cute. And I have never seen another one like him. 

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Ohhhh.... it's more shiny goodness!

My attraction to the shiny stuff is getting embarrassing. :) These are Revere Copper Utensil and/or pot hangers. A mint in box set of 6. This is the display box. But it will fold up for easy storage.
I love how these were marketed to the female wanting to decorate. Not just sold as a hardware needed for your kitchen... these were sold in the way to make the every day girl, feel like she knew how to decorate. Given many options to maximize the use of them.
Plus they came with their own nails. So all you needed was a hammer.
But of course they were so shiny. And were so attractive with their leaf design.
Plus how could a girl walk away from a box of shiny goodness!?! That would give her kitchen a great look.

~No longer missing.... Fire King Jadeite bowls...

Through some kind of miracle... I manage to figure out where I had packed up bowl #3. So now I have all four bowls together.
Since I finally have all 4 Fire King Jadeite bowls accounted for... and now placed in a cabinet in plain sight. So I took new pictures of them!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love the odd stuff.... vintage pink kitchen gadgets...

Oh, how I love the weird things. Especially if I can buy them in pink. Here I have a hard-boiled egg slicer. That I actually use. 
Yes, I am the weirdo, who even has this thing handy so I can make a beautiful Cobb salad. Or when I make potato salad. I will slice one of the eggs, just to decorate the bowl with... before I will place it out for others. It is all about presentation girls!
Next I have my handy chopper. That is a really well made item.
Its glass bottom is a marked measuring cup. It is really a smart tool to have around.

And here is my nut chopper!
It will crank right up and chop the heck out of pecans.
And things would not be complete in my kitchen... without a pink syrup pitcher.
What thrills me is that all of these are at least 40-50 years old. And now live in my kitchen where they are greatly loved.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lot's of Redness! Fire King - The Tulips & The Dots!

Oh, the joy of finding something odd. What this is, was the paper insert, that was placed in the bottom of the Fire King Splash Proof bowls. 

When I purchased my Fire King black dot bowls, they were still in their original box. With this insert still residing in the bottom of the splash proof bowl. And it has manage to survive up till now, living with me.
I have purchased both sets of these Dot bowls in red and black. I have the mixing bowls, grease jar w/lid and the salt and pepper shakers. But through my own fault, I can not manage unearth all the pieces, to each set, at the same time.
But I did manage to locate the red Tulip bowls and their matching shakers at the same time!
But for the life of me... I still have not located my Fire King red dot bowls. And it is starting to annoy me.
So my red dot shakers are having to pose with the black dots instead. 

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