Monday, December 31, 2012

~ Jeannette Glass.... the Jennyware finds for 2012...

I am still so proud of this purchase. I had wanted these Jennyware shakers.... forever. And I was lucky enough to buy these gorgeous girls this Fall. (2012)
I am now looking to finish out this set of matching measuring cups, in their ultramarine blue color.

I really seem to be partial to the depression glassware made by Jeannette.

Including my depression glass collection of Doric.
And one last look at those amazing ultramarine Jennyware shakers... with the pink measuring cups!
So pretty!  Did I mention I recently bought a pink Jennyware shaker? I should have it this week....

Sunday, December 30, 2012

~ Pretty linen's... potholders, quilts, aprons... from my adventures in 2012...

This was a really good year for me with finding pretty things. Starting with this vintage pink chenille full size bedspread.
Picture here with my favorite quilt with the pink blocks.
I also purchased this quilt. Which is filled with real cotton, straight from the fields. Not process cotton. And it is heavy. This quilt has came in extremely handy, with how cold it got in Texas here in the last week. We are actually having a week worth of real winter weather. Including 4 inches of snow at my home! 

For those who have never visited North Texas.... it rarely... if ever, snows here. And the week before Christmas it had been in the upper 70's. When it should have been in the mid 50's. Summer simply would not die!

So on Christmas day... around 1pm... it came a gorgeous snow storm. And it actually stuck around for two days before melting all away. But the frigid cold has hung on. Honestly, I am delighted with the cold. The heat had over stayed its welcome.

Moving on....
The pink floral that is nearly in the back ground of all my pictures... was also purchased this year. It is a divine piece of vintage cotton. Which I had my Mother wash for me, to make sure I did not do any harm to it. It is folded in half here in the picture. And I still think it has a future of being a set of kitchen curtains. :)
I love this lilac apron.... it also made me realize that these were not intended for girls who were over 5'6. (I am much taller than that!)
These were vintage linen handkerchief's made into hot pot, place-mats.
These are vintage potholders trimmed in pale blue... with a tomato and cabbage... and a yellow pepper... never used. And I still have not placed them into rotation for kitchen use. 

I still tend to hold back the really crisp potholders for displaying/hoarding. :)
And the sweet pigs. Made from cutter quilts. These are in rotation.
So sweet! I wish I had purchased another set of these when I had the chance. Love them!
These are also in daily use rotation too.... 

This one is not. Even with her stains, that I was not able to remove. Her stitching is still great and the colors are bright. So I am hoarding her to my never use pile too! 

Yet, I do rotate the never use pot holders, as decorations on my kitchen wall behind my sink.  So I show them off. I just don't want anyone to use them.... :) 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

~ Taylor Smith & Taylor... the best of 2012....

I still find these Taylor Smith & Taylor bowls... to be a very practical and handy bowl to have in the kitchen. They have always been extremely useful for me in my cooking adventures. And Taylor Smith & Taylor has made oodles of them over the decades. In many colors.
I have added many to my collection this year (2012).... in many colors. If they are in good shape and priced right...cough*cheap*cough.... they are coming home with me!
The orange bowl looks to be the oldest one in the collection... 
I am sure there is a way to tell their age by the markings on bottom. I have just not been dedicated enough to find the answer. :)
Looking at these pictures... just makes me want to buy more of them! 

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~ The best of Hazel Atlas and Libbey Glass - 2012

With it being in the last few days of 2012, the next couple post I am showing off things I purchased this year. 

I was going to do one post. And figured out it would be a nightmare. So I am going to break it down to post's of things that are alike. 

So let's take a peek at the vintage glassware that has a new home with me. These are all either Hazel Atlas or Libbey glass.
I love this turquoise diamond pattern. All the above glasses are Hazel Atlas.
Then I bought these exquisite vintage... still in their original Libbey packet... pink floral drinking glasses.
Then these sweet red daisy glasses.... are part of the collection in my kitchen cabinets... 
Which unfortunately have taken one too many trips through the dishwasher...

And since I mention Libbey Glass. They seemed to have purchased up nearly all the old vintage glass manufacturers over the years. I was recently on the hunt for replacements lids for these old Hazel Atlas shakers...
And I finally found them to buy!
I spent the better part of a weekend hunting for these shaker lids, to buy direct. 

Since I knew Libbey Glass still produces these cubist style restaurant shakers to this day. But they only make them in boring clear glass. Not in any interesting colors. Like pink and green! I just knew they would have to sell replacement lids.

So if you are in need to purchasing some new lids, for some random older Hazel Atlas cubist shakers.... go here.... they sell to the public. I purchased a dozen. And I had them in my hands within 4 days from the time I place the online order.  

The company is named Wasserstrom. I give them a five star***** rating! 

~Hull Jardiniere vase.... with the yellow lily!

Isn't it gorgeous. I have a very special place in my heart for these Hull vases. Every older female in my family has a collection of these scatter through out their homes. 
I have ask them all when did they get their first Hull vase. And the answer is always the same. They were a wedding gift.  That it was a standard gift, to have received. Everyone got at least a couple of Hull vases on the gift table...

Now the odd thing for me with this lovely jar/vase.... is that the flower is same on both sides of it. Which has not been the normal for me when buying these gorgeous girls...
The ones I have bought through the years... the design is different on each side.
As it is with my favorite flower vase... I have pictured here.... 

I just love the beauty of this Hull pottery. 

Anywho.... the ones that I own are all clearly marked as "Hull" on the bottom of each piece.
And these vintage girls were all made in the U.S.A. .....
I really do love this lily design... and the shape of this vase...

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