Friday, December 02, 2011

Vintage things with issue's....

I love this pink lady head vase. She is just lovely. But sadly, her lips have chipped. And it is the only thing wrong with her. I still purchased her and brought her home. I realize for the pristine collector, they would snort at the idea of buying something that is less than perfect. I still find her wonderful, even with the chipped lips. I am thinking I paid around 20.00-25.00 for her. And I don't regret it.
The adorable girl above... is just too sweet. I named her Suzy. And if you look at her feet... you can see where they were broke off. Most likely taking a fall off the wall she hung on. (She is a pot holder hanger.) I picked her up a flea market for 2.00 and never regretted it. There are some items that are just too sweet to discard over flaws. And these two girls live in my home and are proudly displayed.

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