Monday, December 19, 2011

Tipp Shakers... and the Lady Watering Flowers....

I have these up on a high shelf.

A shelf that I purposely had placed high, so nothing would happen to this set of McKee - Tipp City Shakers. The shakers were made by McKee Glass but were decorated by Tipp City. Or at least that is how it was explained to me once.
I wish I had purchased more of these years ago. I use to see the cutest Rooster set all the time... but not so much anymore. Yet they are all so cute! And so many of them were made... with lots of different images used on them.
These are the red flower baskets shakers. Which I bought simply cause they look so cute with the lady watering her flowers.

Plus I have that whole issue with the Fire King dots in both red and black... and they all complimented each other so well. 
I had them placed out of reach... for the same reason I have my pink Pyrex out of reach. I would not have a sense of humor, if any of them got broke. :)

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