Saturday, December 03, 2011

Things in my knife drawer...

I am really not on a crusade to collect these blue cornflower themed utensils. Even though it might not look that way at the moment. It just became apparent to me that there were not many options to locate vintage kitchen utensils in pink. So I started buying these blue cornflowers ones. 

The set of knife's above are from Household's brand. They were advertise as Genuine Melamine handles! With surgical stainless steel blades! And to be honest they are wonderful knife's and the sharpest one in my drawer. Most likely they were originally sold in the 1960's. I have been able to buy them all still in their packages. Even to this day if you haunt eBay. You can find them NRFB. They must have sold millions of them new.
Now lets take a peek at a few of the knife's that are from the Ekco brand. Which also came with surgical stainless steel blades!
I really love the paring knife with this set. So so sharp. And I wash all of these in the dishwasher with out it dulling any of the blades.
I do have the cooking utensils for both sets... and none of them are peeling or rusting. They really were a quality made brand.

And last we have some of the knife's from my Sheffield set. Also with the surgical stainless steel blades! (I am starting to see a pattern to selling these...)
These are not as nice as the Household's or Ekco brand ones. They will perform well for daily use. But the handles are not as sturdy as my others. Yet, they are not bad. I did purchase my set of 19 pieces NRFB. 

And at any time... you can still find a NRFB set of Sheffield knifes on eBay for sell.

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