Saturday, December 17, 2011

Slim pickings this week.... yet I found something wonderful!

I love these pillowcases. They are in wonderful shape. And being from the 60's they are the 50/50 blend of cotton and poly. I am so inspired by that bold bathroom at Mr. Modtomic. That these just charmed me... with all their pink and orange beauty. 

So so pretty! I wish that the sheet set had been there too.

The thrift stores were limited on interesting things this week. And I suspect it will be the same for the rest of the month too. 

Yet, I did find a few Tupperware things that caught my eye... 
I purchased the 4 cup and 8 cup.... Tupperware measuring cups. Both in decent shape. And I had been on the lookout for these for awhile. So I am thrilled with them. 

I also saw these..... and had to have them.... Popsicle makers... by Tupperware.
These were still in their original plastic bag, with all the pieces. And the directions to make your very own frozen treats.
I also brought home this lone doily.
Ohhhh and I purchased these charming Japan made ashtray's and match holder. Just because they were cute.
Be sure to check out the following sites... to see what everyone else found!


sue said...

lots of pretty pink! I think those tupperware jugs will be really handy - especially for all that Xmas baking that seems to be happening around the place just now!

Jill said...

At least you found something - I had one of those Tupperware measuring cups for years...

Paulette said...

The ashtray set is indeed lovely so glad you took it home with you. Everyone needs to have things just because they are cute.