Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Pink in the Kitchen.....

This is a picture of my much loved vintage 60's era.... GE kitchen wall clock. It had finally stopped working about a year ago. The original motor finally died. 

So I ask my Daddy if he could replace the old burnt out motor with a new battery power one. Which he did. But unfortunately it required some interesting navigation, to get the new motor and the white clock face, to fit back inside the pink base. I am just happy to have it back and running. I bought it probably 20 years ago. And it ran like a champ, till it didn't. So I figure that original GE electric motor lasted 50 years. 

These are a few of the pink utensil type items I have in my kitchen drawer. It really is hard for me to find the vintage pink kitchen utensils. But I will mention that the pink knife and flour shifter were part of a 3 piece set from Maynard. There is a matching egg beater that I couldn't locate for the picture. But that is the best knife to spread icing on a cake with. The pink scoop is from Tupperware. 
And my charming shot glass with the pink checker pattern. I would like to find a couple more of them.

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Hello Vintage said...

Just found your blog through your link in 'Her Library Adventures'. Think I am going to enjoy it. Sherry :)