Monday, December 19, 2011

I love the Tulips....

I was looking through the things I have bought as Christmas gifts, for my Mother, from the last few years. We both have all kinds of love, for the vintage glass. And last year (2010) I purchase the cutest tulip Jadite shakers for her. Now they were reproductions. But they are a wonderful shade of Jadite. They match up to the original Fire King Jadite as if they are first cousins. 
The coffee mug is a original Fire King product. And the shakers next to it are the reproductions, I found on eBay. She loved them. Plus they make use of one of Fire King's most popular color images. The Tulips!

And here is the shelf above her kitchen sink holding some more of her Jadite collection. I gave her the big square McKee Jadite shakers probably 4 years ago. (They are the ones on the far left hand side) And I swear they look like they match in person. But my wonderful camera doesn't think so...  
But they are still pretty!

(And the bowl at the top of the page is mine)

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