Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun and odd things.... Nonpareils decorations...

Just a quirky vintage jar with silver nonpareils... which in cookie terms are... silver little candy balls to decorate with. I purchase this jar years ago and have not seen anything like it since. Mostly cause the jars were likely thrown out when empty. It is a heavy little jar. And to give you an idea how small it is... I placed my pink shot glass next to it. 
With the last picture you can see it came with a shaker lid. Though those candy balls were not going to fit through those tiny holes. 

And if you are looking to purchase freshly made nonpareils/pearls/Dragees to decorate with... here you go! I love this site... and use it often....

And for fun.... here is a chance to win a new shiny MixMaster!

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