Friday, December 30, 2011

Fire King - the rounds!

As with my earlier post about the daisy pink Pyrex bowl... these were bought at my favorite sketchy Dallas thrift store. 

Both are Fire King. And both so sweet. The one on the left is Fire King Blue Sapphire Philbe. It is the small individual casserole size. And its mate is clear glass Fire King piece. They are in good condition and of course I really have no particular use for them. But I love their cuteness. Though I still hold out hope of find the same size bowls in Pyrex one day.
I am thinking I have a pie plate that matches the blue one.... somewhere packed up... locations unknown. :) 

Then I saw this red handled scooper.  

I don't believe I have ever came across these in any other color than red. So they must have sold oodles of them new. For I have probably purchase 6 of them in the last 3 years. I tend to give them to my Mother for her red kitchen. But since this one is losing her paint. I may keep her and sand off the red. And paint her PINK!

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