Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cafe dinnerware... and other odd thrifting finds...

I love this stuff. Buying odd dishes that have no mates. These are a few shallow cream soup bowls, that I have purchased in the last month. All of them picked up at the thrift stores. The solid pink color bowl is puzzling to me. It looks to be a older piece. But there is no company markings. These three bowls are made of typical china.

I really do love this style of bowl. 
Next.... a few plates...made of heavy china.
These are both heavy/cafe china bread plates. I really like both patterns.

I also have picked up a few luncheon style plates too. These are in shades of orange. 
This one with a pink ring....
And this is a large shallow serving bowl with a green ring...
All of these things were picked up in the local thrift stores. And I only have the singular pieces. I do have them stacked in the cabinet for daily use. I seem to have the odd obsession with this type of dish. I just adore the old heavy china dinnerware. And can not pass up a cute piece of it.

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