Saturday, December 31, 2011

I love the odd stuff.... Lefton matchbox holders....

These are oddities for me. They are Lefton made... matchbox holders. They are made of china. Very delicate looking. The only ones I have seen, are the ones I have here. Makes me wonder if they are just not easily ID as covers for match boxes.
Then again, if I didn't have the vintage match box inside of them... I would have had no clue what they were either. 
Best odd thing about them... there is even a cut out on the side of these tiny holders, to strike a match!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fire King - the rounds!

As with my earlier post about the daisy pink Pyrex bowl... these were bought at my favorite sketchy Dallas thrift store. 

Both are Fire King. And both so sweet. The one on the left is Fire King Blue Sapphire Philbe. It is the small individual casserole size. And its mate is clear glass Fire King piece. They are in good condition and of course I really have no particular use for them. But I love their cuteness. Though I still hold out hope of find the same size bowls in Pyrex one day.
I am thinking I have a pie plate that matches the blue one.... somewhere packed up... locations unknown. :) 

Then I saw this red handled scooper.  

I don't believe I have ever came across these in any other color than red. So they must have sold oodles of them new. For I have probably purchase 6 of them in the last 3 years. I tend to give them to my Mother for her red kitchen. But since this one is losing her paint. I may keep her and sand off the red. And paint her PINK!

Daisy Pink Pyrex....

Isn't it wonderful. I just love the daisy pink Pyrex. I found this today while thrifting at my favorite sketchy thrift store in Dallas. I now have two of these lovely oval bowls. Which thrills me. I now get to decide which one is in worse shape. So I can demote it to my stack of daily use Pyrex. I have been placing pieces of my pink Pyrex into daily rotation, that I consider "with issue's". 
I still only have the one divided serving dish in the pink daisy. So this beauty still lives on the dusty shelf in my kitchen. Where I hoard all my perfect pink Pyrex. 
Now I did get these two small refrigerators for Christmas. And they are in wonderful shape. But one of them has it dang paper sticker holding on. I am going to have to get some lighter fluid to get it off! But now I have 4 of these cuties. And none of them will be getting demoted to daily use. Too cute to risk getting broke.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Look at those Bee's!!!

Oh my gosh I just love these.... my Mother found them at a local Church thrift sale this Fall. If you have not seen them before they are a set of measuring cups (on the left) and the matching salt and pepper shakers. But these pink ones were given to me yesterday. And I was so happy to see them. They were a product of Meschik-Goldman. And probably inexpensive when new. Just something cute to add to the kitchen. Now they are a new addition to my pink kitchen.

I had purchase the yellow sets below... from the thrift stores too. 
My yellow set of cups are the same as the new pink ones. There are 4 cups to the set on the far left.  But the set of yellow cups in the middle... are actually just two cups.  Then that is a honey hive on the far right end. Which is not old. But I thought made a cute addition to my yellow hives. 

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have a great Christmas....

I was so excited when I first saw this wonderful ornament. My Mother brought it back to me, from her trip to Austria a few Summers ago. 

I love hand painted Christmas balls. New or vintage. They are always a appropriate gift for me anytime. Yes, I realize I am a weirdo.
 Anywho... this is a hand painted that I adore.  So I am sharing it with you.

And lastly... I hope everyone has a great Christmas. And that Santa brought you just what you needed!
Like an adult cocktail!

Happy Holiday's!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cooking for Christmas...

(Yes, those are my pies for Christmas. I bet you are wondering how I manage to bake them and have perfect... unburnt edges....)

I knew I wanted to bake pecan pies for Christmas. But with the brutal summer that we just lived through here in Texas... it seems to have affected the cost of pecans. 

I live in a town that has oodles... of hundred year old pecan tree's.... all over old town. 

This is a town that you can buy your pecans at the dang pawn stores. Seriously. The pawn stores have these huge banners waving outside their door "We BUY/SELL pecans!!!"

I have always suspected, that the local merchants had a fire sale on pecan tree's, at the turn of the century. Along with magnolia tree's. The town is cover in both of them. Which honestly, I love the magnolia tree's when they are blooming. 

Anywho... the cost of pecans have always been fairly priced here, cause they were always plentiful. 

But not this year. (stupid drought)

So I was looking for something to bake. That would not require me to pay at least 12.00 dollars, to get 3 cups of pecans. 

And I stumble upon this recipe.

And above is my first "Mock" pecan pie.   (That I did alter a bit...)
(Notice my wonderful stainless steel vintage Sunbeam mixing bowl) 

This is the best bowl to mix in. It has a weighted bottom. So it will sit still when mixing. But light enough to handle when pouring.
As you can see I cheated a little. I had a tiny bag of left over pecans. Maybe a half cup. And I have two pies to make. So I need to split the pecans between the two pies. So I mix them into the oats.
I always chopped my oats when baking. But not to the point of being flour. Just a quick spin in the handy chopper for about 15 seconds. I still want to see oats. And if I had enough pecans... they too would have went for a spin in the handy chopper. I want to be able to cut the pie, without tearing it up.
Now I have learn how to bake a pecan pie through a few disasters. The biggest issue for me...  is it not being cooked long enough and still runny in the center.  With burnt edges!

But I have finally learned to put a lid on it... as strange as that sounds. This pie needs to cook for at least an hour. So I had to learn how to save the edges. Yet, have the pie actually done in the center. Oh, how I detest burnt pie edges.
I learned to make a foil crown and cover the outer edge. Then I place another piece of foil on top... to hold in the heat as it cooks.
Yes, my pie is in that mound of foil. hahaha! I actually place that top piece on, after I get it into the oven. And I leave it there till the last 5 minutes of cooking. Then I pull that flat piece of foil off and let it bake uncover for those last few minutes. And I get this....
A wonderful pie... that is done in the center... with perfect edges.

I did alter the recipe from Coleen's site. 

These were really deep pie shells. 

And I want a pie filled to the top. So I combined things from the one from Coleen's site and the one from the Karo site...

I used one full cup of light corn syrup and one full cup of light brown sugar. With the three eggs and 2 tablespoons of butter. Plus vanilla, Oates and those 6 pecans that I had. :)

From my previous disasters... I had learned I really prefer light corn syrup and light brown sugar the best, in my pies.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lots of pretty to see!

In case you have not seen these sites that have some amazing Christmas decorations posted... I wanted to share them with you.

This is a link party to see Holiday decorating around the house... lots of pretty pictures...

Then this is a amazing link to see awesome vintage aluminum tree's decorated.... 
(the image is from

So many pretty pictures to see.... be sure to take a peek at them all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's the Pink Princess!

Of course I own the original Princess. The Pink Princess rotary style circa 1967. I always wanted this phone as a young girl. But I ended up with a white Princess rotary instead... in my childhood bedroom. Which I still have that white phone, stashed somewhere in my bedroom closet.

As much as I love this pink princess. I really need a phone with caller ID. So I purchased a "Hello Kitty!" phone to keep the Princess company. I believe my Kitty phone is probably 14 years old by now. 

But the ringer on the kitty phone is much gentler than the one on the original princess. The ringer in the princess... could wake the dead. It is heart stopping loud. So I had my Daddy snip that wire after it scared the hell out of me a couple times.
Now the circle of Bell phones would not be complete.... without showing you my prize possession.... my Pink Princess push button trimline style phone. The one with the dial pad in the handset. Oh how I adore the phone. It is all original. And the ringer has a volume slide switch on the bottom of the base to control how loud it can be.
And honestly I hate talking on cordless phones or cell phones... I want to talk on a phone that has nice crisp volumes. Without static, interference and plain ole dropped connections that all cordless/cell phones do!

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Tipp Shakers... and the Lady Watering Flowers....

I have these up on a high shelf.

A shelf that I purposely had placed high, so nothing would happen to this set of McKee - Tipp City Shakers. The shakers were made by McKee Glass but were decorated by Tipp City. Or at least that is how it was explained to me once.
I wish I had purchased more of these years ago. I use to see the cutest Rooster set all the time... but not so much anymore. Yet they are all so cute! And so many of them were made... with lots of different images used on them.
These are the red flower baskets shakers. Which I bought simply cause they look so cute with the lady watering her flowers.

Plus I have that whole issue with the Fire King dots in both red and black... and they all complimented each other so well. 
I had them placed out of reach... for the same reason I have my pink Pyrex out of reach. I would not have a sense of humor, if any of them got broke. :)

I love the Tulips....

I was looking through the things I have bought as Christmas gifts, for my Mother, from the last few years. We both have all kinds of love, for the vintage glass. And last year (2010) I purchase the cutest tulip Jadite shakers for her. Now they were reproductions. But they are a wonderful shade of Jadite. They match up to the original Fire King Jadite as if they are first cousins. 
The coffee mug is a original Fire King product. And the shakers next to it are the reproductions, I found on eBay. She loved them. Plus they make use of one of Fire King's most popular color images. The Tulips!

And here is the shelf above her kitchen sink holding some more of her Jadite collection. I gave her the big square McKee Jadite shakers probably 4 years ago. (They are the ones on the far left hand side) And I swear they look like they match in person. But my wonderful camera doesn't think so...  
But they are still pretty!

(And the bowl at the top of the page is mine)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Slim pickings this week.... yet I found something wonderful!

I love these pillowcases. They are in wonderful shape. And being from the 60's they are the 50/50 blend of cotton and poly. I am so inspired by that bold bathroom at Mr. Modtomic. That these just charmed me... with all their pink and orange beauty. 

So so pretty! I wish that the sheet set had been there too.

The thrift stores were limited on interesting things this week. And I suspect it will be the same for the rest of the month too. 

Yet, I did find a few Tupperware things that caught my eye... 
I purchased the 4 cup and 8 cup.... Tupperware measuring cups. Both in decent shape. And I had been on the lookout for these for awhile. So I am thrilled with them. 

I also saw these..... and had to have them.... Popsicle makers... by Tupperware.
These were still in their original plastic bag, with all the pieces. And the directions to make your very own frozen treats.
I also brought home this lone doily.
Ohhhh and I purchased these charming Japan made ashtray's and match holder. Just because they were cute.
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