Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spice Racks..... Made in Japan...

Just a few pictures of random spice jars that I have in my kitchen. All of them were made in Japan. And none of them were expensive. But they all have loads of charm. And they really do brighten up the place.
This yellow trimmed spice rack was the first one I had, it was a gift from my Mother. At the time I was collecting yellow and green things for my kitchen. Wayyyy back in the late 1980's. 
It still hangs on the wall above my stove. 

I also have this one below...with the fruits, hanging above my sink. 

And this one has wood handle, hanging style, measuring spoons, the slots in the bottom of the wood frame are for them.
But I did not unearth those wood handle spoons in the box this was living in... I never did purchase any of the very collectible Rooster and Roses spice racks. But I saw lots of them over the years.  I have always been partial to the fruit motif for the kitchen.

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