Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pink Pyrex... the casserole....

I have so many of these Pyrex casserole dishes. Most of them in funky colors. I tend to use the ones that are in that funky yellow/green color the most. With all the baked on glory, of past casseroles, on them too. :)  These really are the easiest style of Pyrex dishes, I tend to stumble upon at the flea market.

Here is my dark pink casserole. I really do attempt to keep the left over, burnt on casserole's of the past... to a minimum. Not so much on the funky color yellow ones... haha

I do truly wish I could find the small individual casserole dishes, that match this one. 


Charlene Austin said...

That is so pretty! I found one like that at the thrift store last week but it was quite a mess as far as the colour being dull and worn. I collect for my friend and I've found her the green one and yellow one in the summer. I like the shape of them!

SixBalloons said...

Cute, those little ones are such a nice size. I found one Flamingo pink one with a lid once last year!