Sunday, November 27, 2011

I did bake for Thanksgiving... Chocolate Crinkle's....

With all my picture taking of the things I brought home from my Thanksgiving trip. I forgot to mention I did baked cookies for the trip. These are Chocolate Crinkle's. A fine recipe from one of my Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks. I believe this recipe is in my book from the mid 1950's. 

They can be a nightmare to make. This is a cookie dough that needs to be chilled over night. It is tacky to handle even chilled that long. So I grease up my latex gloves with butter before I start to roll the dough into balls. But they are incredible cookies. I have learned to stack them using foil between the layers so the powder sugar does not get completely jacked up while traveling in the truck. 

Since it is in the background, here is a closer look at one of my favorite things. My speckle pottery creamer. 

Most likely a freebie from the Produce Market. I use it to keep my Equal packets in, on my kitchen counter.

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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh I love those cookies! I have very little patience for tricky to make food, though. I mean, it just gets eaten and then it's gone! At least with crafts- they last! I have one time consuming cookie that I make at christmastime- IF I'm in the mood. ♥