Saturday, November 26, 2011

The cutest bowls!

I wish I could find out where they came from! If anyone knows who made them... I would like to know.
I was squealing too loud, to hear what my Aunt was telling me. She mention what kind of bowls these were to me. But seriously.... I had zoned out all conversation when I saw them. 

I want to say she mention something dairy related was sold in them. Maybe cottage cheese or sour cream? But unfortunately, I was so excited to see them, I tuned her out.  Instead of listening to her, like I should have been.... so I would know who made them. 

Both bowls have fired on colors.
The blue one was in decent shape. But the pink one had some kind of brown gunk stuck to it. Both of them went into hot sudsy water when I got home. Then I had to take a S.O.S. pad to the pink one to get that mystery gunk off. 

Yet, I can still see some left over residual. Ugh. They have another future bath with a new S.O.S. pad.

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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

The ARE really cute! I'm loving your blog this morning! ♥