Saturday, November 05, 2011

Crafty things to do with vintage hankies...

I was reading on Jill's blog about the extensive hankie collection of her Mothers... and I had to go dig out one of my own favorite hankies. I just adore this hankie. The violets are marvelous. 

It has been a good ten years ago that I came across a wonderful crafty thing to use old hankies for....
The two center hankie's were quilted into hot pot holders. I use them on my dining table to place hot bowls/pots on. 

The crafty lady who did these, quilted them to the outline pattern, of the scalloped edges of the design. I would have never thought about doing this with the vintage hankies.

They really are a handy thing to have. And they make your table look so cute! I wish I was remotely crafty enough, to make them. But I do cherish the two I have.

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Jill said...

Very cute and thanks for the shout out- I love your crafty idea - I have no talents with a sewing machine or a needle or maybe I would be doing somethng with the hankies too!!