Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cookbooks... Betty Furness and Betty Crocker's....

I really do enjoy older cookbooks. I find them so much easier to prepare a meal from. And normally I have most of the ingredients needed already in my kitchen. 

I have owned a Betty Furness candy thermometer forever. It was a random purchase of mine because it was in such a cute box. 

Then last week I came across the Betty Furness Cookbook. Which was in really nice shape. So it came home with me. Then of course, I spent the weekend searching for the thermometer. I just needed to confirm that it was a Betty Furness thermometer.

I also purchases this great Argo/Mazola/Karo cookbook. It is a simple paperback booklet. Most likely a give away.

But as I thumb through it I found this...

And I have always been a huge fan of a great doughnut recipe. So how could I pass up this charming little booklet.

I did nearly passed this booklet up. Not in good shape. And the seller wanted a 1.50 for it. Then I saw the back of it. 

I have a few of the Swans Cake Flour measuring cups. This is the first Swans Cake Flour cookbook I had stumble upon. So I gave up the cash for it. 

I have all but given up on buying older cookbooks from eBay. They have gotten too pricey. So I am left to garage sale's looking for interesting older ones.

Then there was this odd little Betty Crocker's Cookbook. 

It is actually filled with some ghastly looking recipes. Made with ingredients that most likely not findable today at the local Kroger's. But it had a few great color pictures, so I went ahead and purchased it.  I just love looking at the pretty pictures.

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