Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vintage Cookie Cutters...

I wonder what kind of discussing was had, when deciding what shapes to include in this box set.

"Oh yea, we need a reindeer, Santa, angel, lamb, cross, heart.... ohhh and how about a hatchet!"

Exactly when in time was a hatchet consider a cookie shape that appealed to children?

This box did include recipes on the back of the box. Yet, I am still puzzled about that hatchet.

More random pink Shenango...

It is a sickness. I have three sugar bowls. But not one creamer. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spice Racks..... Made in Japan...

Just a few pictures of random spice jars that I have in my kitchen. All of them were made in Japan. And none of them were expensive. But they all have loads of charm. And they really do brighten up the place.
This yellow trimmed spice rack was the first one I had, it was a gift from my Mother. At the time I was collecting yellow and green things for my kitchen. Wayyyy back in the late 1980's. 
It still hangs on the wall above my stove. 

I also have this one below...with the fruits, hanging above my sink. 

And this one has wood handle, hanging style, measuring spoons, the slots in the bottom of the wood frame are for them.
But I did not unearth those wood handle spoons in the box this was living in... I never did purchase any of the very collectible Rooster and Roses spice racks. But I saw lots of them over the years.  I have always been partial to the fruit motif for the kitchen.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Still looking for those Black dots!

I had mention once before that I started collecting the Dot's because of a random purchase of a pepper shaker. Well this is the Red Dot pepper shaker made by Fire King... that started it all. 
I was digging in boxes looking for the black dot shakers, when I stumble upon the custard bowl with the red dots. Somewhere... I have the custard shakers with the red dots too.
I am determined to find those black dot's.... but instead I found another set of Tulip shakers, also a product of Fire King.

And lastly, how about some Red Tulips!

I know.... I need help. haha!  But I still would like to find the black dots. 

Here are my Black Dot's mixing bowls one more time.... oh they are so pretty! 
Be sure to look at all the full red stuff at:

More random yellow Pyrex... and some Shakers!

Be sure to check out...  The Pyrex Collective 2. I did my post about my new yellow Pyrex square bowl there....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I did bake for Thanksgiving... Chocolate Crinkle's....

With all my picture taking of the things I brought home from my Thanksgiving trip. I forgot to mention I did baked cookies for the trip. These are Chocolate Crinkle's. A fine recipe from one of my Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks. I believe this recipe is in my book from the mid 1950's. 

They can be a nightmare to make. This is a cookie dough that needs to be chilled over night. It is tacky to handle even chilled that long. So I grease up my latex gloves with butter before I start to roll the dough into balls. But they are incredible cookies. I have learned to stack them using foil between the layers so the powder sugar does not get completely jacked up while traveling in the truck. 

Since it is in the background, here is a closer look at one of my favorite things. My speckle pottery creamer. 

Most likely a freebie from the Produce Market. I use it to keep my Equal packets in, on my kitchen counter.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chicken Tracks....

I really do enjoy finding the bizarre stuff. This is a box of stationery paper. Or what is left of it. With really great chicken graphics. If I was to guess on age, maybe sometime in the 1940's?

Here is what I found inside the box. 
The blue pen and a dried bottle of blue ink. I only have 3 sheets of paper left in this one. (Yes I have another set of interesting stationery to share.) Here are the graphics from the left over paper.
Now prepare yourself for some Hillbilly humor.
Both of the boxes were made by Western Art from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They were so hokey, I could not leave them behind. And I really do like that Chicken Tracks box. Yet, I am curious... if Hallmark ever carried Chicken Tracks on their shelves.

The cutest bowls!

I wish I could find out where they came from! If anyone knows who made them... I would like to know.
I was squealing too loud, to hear what my Aunt was telling me. She mention what kind of bowls these were to me. But seriously.... I had zoned out all conversation when I saw them. 

I want to say she mention something dairy related was sold in them. Maybe cottage cheese or sour cream? But unfortunately, I was so excited to see them, I tuned her out.  Instead of listening to her, like I should have been.... so I would know who made them. 

Both bowls have fired on colors.
The blue one was in decent shape. But the pink one had some kind of brown gunk stuck to it. Both of them went into hot sudsy water when I got home. Then I had to take a S.O.S. pad to the pink one to get that mystery gunk off. 

Yet, I can still see some left over residual. Ugh. They have another future bath with a new S.O.S. pad.

Fire King - The sassy Rooster....

Look at that sassy Rooster! Isn't he beyond cute. This is a round Fire King 8in. cake pan. I was so excited to see the shape of the pan/bowl. I just purchased that yellow Pyrex one a week ago from that sketchy thrift store in Dallas. So this was a nice find for me.

This sweet Rooster came from a sale in Oklahoma. For a dollar.
I like how it is not some straight out farm scene. Instead the Rooster is with a nice arrangement of fruits instead. Very cute! This design was only made from 1965-67. 

More cookbook's.... Better Homes & Gardens.....

I do have a soft spot for the family of cookbooks from Better Homes & Gardens. 
And here are three I did not already own. Which is always exciting for me to find something new for this line of cookbooks. These are from 1966. All three are big hard cover books. With lots of color pictures.
And none of them looked to have never been open. Everyone of them have really tight binders. As if no one ever cared enough to take a peek at the recipes. Which I have remedy that little issue. I have went through all three of them... and they have great recipes. Like a orange Chiffon pie!

Jadite and Depression glass... doing it Green!

As if I have to ID this wonderful bowl. It is a Fire King Jadite swirl mixing bowl. Not the large one.. but the next to the largest. In great shape. Still has a great luster to it. A rare find for me. But we were at that sale at the crack of dawn Friday morning. So I was there to snatch it up first!
Next is this wonderful green depression glass mixing bowl. This is the smallest of its set. Barely 6 inches across. But it's in fabulous shape. No nicks. Just a sweet bowl. The perfect size to eat cereal out of....

Cute things from the garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores... Oklahoma style...

Isn't that a gorgeous plate! What a perfect shade of turquoise. The maker of the bread plate is Syracuse China. It is more of the heavy china/cafe dishes that I adore. (As if I need to start with a new pattern.)

I spent holiday in Southern Oklahoma hitting up the open markets/sales. Which were scatter everywhere. With the weather having been mild here all week in North Texas meant it was mild in Southern Oklahoma too. Yea! And my antique dealing Aunt, she had a list of places to visit. So I came back home with all kinds of things. Like that lovely turquoise bread plate. 

I should mention it had a few friends too. So I have 6 of the bread plates... along with these... 
Yes, I found these turquoise dinner plates too. So add another 6 dinner plates to the head count. I know I had no business buying them. But they were sooo pretty. I just could not leave them behind.
Oh yea.... I bought more stuff.... more pink and turquoise. I swear I hardly have any room left in my cabinets. So keep watch for updates for the other stuff I purchase! I got a few things to share, this weekend. 

I have the blue and pink bowl here:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Living rooms... Texas style @1920.....

I was always around homes with vintage furnishings. From my Mother to my Daddy's own Mother, Grandmother to his great Aunts... all these ladies loved the old stuff. So I never really thought it was odd that I have lots of love for it. And started to collect really young. 

The living room pictures are of my Great Aunt Ola's home. Probably taken around 1920-1925. The best part is that most of this stuff is still in the same home to this day. With her son now being the proud owner of all of it. We are a pack of people that loves the vintage stuff.