Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The ultimate gift to the new Bride... The Lefton Plate....

Has there ever been a vintage item that you see over and over again. 

There seems to have been a couple of popular Lefton plate's sold locally. 
It was either this fruit plate or the flower plate.

 I have came across both of them dozen of times in the last decade.

I am nosy about what kind of random gifts that Bride's received in the 1960's. Things that they did not register for...

I have long suspect that every new Bride, in this county, ended up with one of these Lefton plates as a gift.  

The last picture with the two flower plates... 

I have seen the larger Lefton flower plate many times on its own. I finally purchased one for a .25 at a garage sale. Then one day at the local flea market I came upon two small versions of the plate.

Needless to say, I now own those two small plates. And recently a friend gave me another large flower plate! She felt I needed to even out the count to a even four. 

2 large and 2 small. 

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