Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink Pyrex...

It was probably around 1998 that I started to see the pink Pyrex show up in the antique stores and the flea markets. I had been buying the misc yellow/lime greenish color pieces. They were everywhere I looked. They did not match my vintage pink kitchen. But they were such a funky shade of yellow,  that I could not resist them.

Then one morning at the Whitewright Flea market... I saw my new love. Pink Pyrex.

Here was a gorgeous pink striped bowl... with its label intact! And there were two of them! I purchased both for 7.00. I have not ever gotten, another piece of pink Pyrex that cheap ever again.

The matching bowl was given as a gift to my sister. She too has love for the vintage kitchen glassware. Especially when they still have their label attached.


Anonymous said...

Great purchase! I love that the label is still intact, and what a steal on the price! I also love your collection of pink pyrex two posts back. I'm so envious, I've yet to be able to find a piece of pink where I'm at! You have a really cute blog, I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Thank you for the kind words.

Oddly enough the pink Pyrex seems to be hit and miss. I won't see any for a year then suddenly I see it everywhere.

But the prices have gotten ridiculous for it at the flea markets. (I live in Texas) So it has slowed me down purchasing it.

But I can still buy the odd colors cheap though.

Protector of Vintage said...

I'm so jealous!! Love the pink pyrex!! You have a lovely blog. I look forward to following along.

Ashley said...

I have only ever seen one pink dish "in the wild" here. It was beautiful! Until I grabbed it off the shelf and it had a huge chunk of colour missing. So sad.

CanineThespian said...

I've only got one lonely piece of pink pyrex, I love it so much, but I never see it in the thrift shops in Australia :(