Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink Pyrex... with the odd lid....

This used to be my standard "make a dip" and take it to a party Pyrex. It has this wonderful aluminum lid. And it is a Pyrex issued lid. Though my camera can not capture the imprint on the dang lid.

The aluminum lid is marked on the inside:

Made in USA

Somehow this lovely covered dish ended up in the dishwasher of the Hostess. 

I had used my dish to transport zesty dip in... for a friend's baby shower. Since the baby was to be a girl... and I wanted to use my pretty pink Pyrex. To add a little jazz to the table of food. Somehow my beautiful bowl ended up in the dishwasher after the Shower. And its pretty shiny pink color came out dull.

Needless to say. I never used another piece of my pink Pyrex for any party... unless it is in my house.  :)  Where I can see what is in the dishwasher before it's turned on.


Charlene Austin said...

Noooooo! That is so sad the Pyrex was put in the d/w.

Anonymous said...

Gasp!! I'd be very upset!!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Well I have intentions of buying another one like it if I can get it for a decent price... and have this one for daily use. It is my first piece of pink Pyrex that ended up dull. I believe it has something to do with the water being hard here that kills the shine.