Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink Cake Plate....

This is my all time favorite cake plate. I have no idea who issued the plate. But it looks and feels like those Fire King, Jane Ray Vitrock plates. 

This lovely picture is from:  http://firekingem.blogspot.com/2011/09/year-of-1940s.html

My sister has a great set of this Fire King Vitrock dinnerware. And the blue trim comes in many tone's. So it can take a while, to build a set, where the blue trim looks all matchy-matchy. 

This Vitrock pattern has a very unique feel to the glass. It is not a lightweight item. It also chips a little too easy. But I still love it and it makes a gorgeous table when set out for dinner.

This Summer I stumble across a pink and white cake plate. It has the same feel as this Fire King. And it has the same odd ring pattern on the bottom. It is "marked" Made in USA in the dead center of the inner ring. I like to know more about this plate. I would like to think that there may be some dinner plates out there to match.

The cake plate is 11 3/4 inches across.  If anyone recognize the maker of this plate I like to hear about it. (I got an ID... it's MacBeth Evans Cremax)

Then there is this dazzling melmac plate by Lucent. Also a larger plate that can hold a cake and look great doing it. 


Protector of Vintage said...

Love that melmac plate!!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I love that melmac plate too. Such an odd pattern. I tend to buy the typical white melmac with roses on them.