Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Odd pink things that live in my Kitchen...

I do appreciate the odd little pink things that live in my Kitchen... so here are a few of them. 

This is a such a neat orange juice pitcher. The lid is somewhat faded, thankfully the pink diamond pattern is still shiny. I placed a paper towel in it, so the cute pattern would show.

Vintage pink measuring spoons...  that I adore.... 

They were a complete fluke find for me. I can name the times on one hand.. when I have came across any kind of vintage pink utensils in person. Be it measuring spoons/cups or eating utensils. The neat thing about this set for me, is that it came with a instant coffee measuring scoop. So I am guessing the 1960's.

This charming vintage pot holder rack... was located at my Grandmother's home. She had it packed away and it was never used. Now it hangs on my kitchen wall, holding pot holders that she, her Mother and her maternal Grandmother made. 

My grandparents lived in South Texas from the late 1930's to the early 1940's. And trips into Mexico was a common vacation spot. So my Grandmother had these little vintage Mexico oddities scatter in her house for 60 years. And now they are part of my kitchen decor.

Here are the four pot holders I keep hung up.  Of course they are not to be used any longer. They are only hanging there to be charming. 

And here are the sweetest little magnets. They are all some shade of pink in color. I can remember buying them in a small antique store in some little town in Grayson County, years ago for maybe $1.00 .... they have been hanging on the wall,  just like this, bringing a little cute to a corner spot near my microwave. 

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