Monday, October 10, 2011

Lots of love for Fire-King too!

Once upon a time I was collecting mixing bowls. Unfortunately, they require a lot of room to store in the cabinets. So I have placed two of my Fire King sets up high on the cabinet shelf... to make sure no one will randomly break one of them. 

The Black Dots set is mint. 

So mint that I bought them still in their original box with the Fire King insert in the bottom of the smallest bowl. Sadly, the box just crumble to dust. 

I also have the Red Dot set packed up somewhere. It was the Red Dot pepper shaker that started me on the quest to find the rest of the polka dot sets. So I have the mixing bowls, the grease jar w/white lid and the shakers for both colors.

The tulip set required a few years to piece together. They have always been grossly overpriced. Even in 1988. Seems like it was a good decade before I rounded up all four bowls. And the dang grease jar with a lid. The problem was the discoloration of the white bowl that stopped me from buying a lot of the ones I came across. I refuse to pay top price for a discolored bowl.

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