Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeannette measuring cups.... Jennyware

I have a lot of love for these Jeannette/Jennyware measuring cups. 

I have been working on trying to piece together a set of both colors... forever. There is a really cute set of mixing bowls that match them. But sadly I have none of them. Mostly cause I am too cheap to pay for them. 

I am still missing the smallest pink cup. But it gives me something to always hunt for on my adventures. I have found these cups at misc garage sales. I live in a town with a wonderful old town. Which makes garage sales a must do thing. Though I have come across these cups at local Antique shows. Unfortunately, their prices at the shows, gives me heart palpitations.

And here are the aquamarine color ones. These are the two smallest of the 4 piece set. I do hold out hope, I will get both these Jennyware sets finished. 

Ohhhh and here is the one lone delphite cup in the collection. 

Poor blue baby. 

After lurking and watching other delphite pieces selling on eBay...  I can tell I will probably never finish the set. The blue baby listed below, is the delphite one cup with a pour spout.


Charlene Austin said...

Oh this is a happy post! I love them all!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I really do want to add the matching Jennyware measuring bowls to my kitchen. But the prices on eBay for them, are outrageous.