Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corning Blue Flowers... and their knockoff's.....

I am not sure how I amassed the collection of Blue Flower flatware that I presently own. 

It was not as if I had a collection of the Corning cookware and was on some crusade to collect it. I still only have the Corning pie plates in my kitchen. 

But I just started coming across the sets of these generic blue flower utensil's... still mint in package. And started buying them for daily use. 

For all my garage sale's, flea markets and thrift store adventures. I rarely come across any vintage pink utensils to purchase. And these darling blue flower items, by the Household line, are plentiful. 

These are the few I left in their original package. I really do have a drawer full of these I use daily. :) And they are really wonderful quality items. The knife's really do stay sharp. For being 40+ years old.

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