Friday, October 28, 2011

Fire King - Black Dot Mixing bowls... and their cousin Tulip.

Nothing prettier than a shiny set of mixing bowls.

These are my minty Fire King Black Dots mixing bowls. When I purchased them in their fragile box, the insert was still included in the bottom of the small bowl.

My tulips were not near as minty. But so pretty!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pretty things to decorate with...

I have always enjoyed odd things that hang on the wall. 

Normal framed pictures are fine. 

But I love seeing odd decorative items.

Like this McCoy wall pocket.

Now I have had this Swan and Kewpie since High School. They were part of a odd ball collection of things that I had in my childhood bedroom. 

I have no idea who made the Swan. She is made of delicate white milk glass. And not in the best of shape. I tend to think she is missing something from her tail area. 

But she still sits in my bedroom keeping Kewpie and Lady Head from being lonely. 

My sweet little spoon holder...

I have always wonder who the maker was for this spoon rest made of pottery. She is proudly sitting on my stove being used daily. She was a gift from a friend. 

(My friend saw it and knew it belonged in my pink kitchen.)

I am curious if there were other designs in the pottery line for these spoon holders. Maybe with a yellow flower instead of a pink one.

(*The piece is marked with a black JAPAN.)

The ultimate gift to the new Bride... The Lefton Plate....

Has there ever been a vintage item that you see over and over again. 

There seems to have been a couple of popular Lefton plate's sold locally. 
It was either this fruit plate or the flower plate.

 I have came across both of them dozen of times in the last decade.

I am nosy about what kind of random gifts that Bride's received in the 1960's. Things that they did not register for...

I have long suspect that every new Bride, in this county, ended up with one of these Lefton plates as a gift.  

The last picture with the two flower plates... 

I have seen the larger Lefton flower plate many times on its own. I finally purchased one for a .25 at a garage sale. Then one day at the local flea market I came upon two small versions of the plate.

Needless to say, I now own those two small plates. And recently a friend gave me another large flower plate! She felt I needed to even out the count to a even four. 

2 large and 2 small. 

Odd pink things that live in my Kitchen...

I do appreciate the odd little pink things that live in my Kitchen... so here are a few of them. 

This is a such a neat orange juice pitcher. The lid is somewhat faded, thankfully the pink diamond pattern is still shiny. I placed a paper towel in it, so the cute pattern would show.

Vintage pink measuring spoons...  that I adore.... 

They were a complete fluke find for me. I can name the times on one hand.. when I have came across any kind of vintage pink utensils in person. Be it measuring spoons/cups or eating utensils. The neat thing about this set for me, is that it came with a instant coffee measuring scoop. So I am guessing the 1960's.

This charming vintage pot holder rack... was located at my Grandmother's home. She had it packed away and it was never used. Now it hangs on my kitchen wall, holding pot holders that she, her Mother and her maternal Grandmother made. 

My grandparents lived in South Texas from the late 1930's to the early 1940's. And trips into Mexico was a common vacation spot. So my Grandmother had these little vintage Mexico oddities scatter in her house for 60 years. And now they are part of my kitchen decor.

Here are the four pot holders I keep hung up.  Of course they are not to be used any longer. They are only hanging there to be charming. 

And here are the sweetest little magnets. They are all some shade of pink in color. I can remember buying them in a small antique store in some little town in Grayson County, years ago for maybe $1.00 .... they have been hanging on the wall,  just like this, bringing a little cute to a corner spot near my microwave. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A peek in my dusty cabinet...

Am I the only one who places their favorite pink Pyrex out of easy reach? 

I keep my minty pink Pyrex up in the highest shelf. 

I just know, that I would not have a sense of humor, if any of it got broke. I do have many random Pyrex pieces I use daily. That if any of it ends up broken, I would not have a complete fit. Those pieces do not live on this dusty shelf.

Glasbake by McKee....

Poor Glasbake. Never the bride always the bridesmaid. Not as fancy as its cousin Pyrex.  Though it has been manufactured just as long as Pyrex. Glasbake is a product of the McKee glass factory. And just not as loved as Pyrex.

I actually see a lot of Glasbake in my hunting. And have purchased a dozen or so pieces. My favorite bowel is this adorable orange oval serving bowl.

Pink Cake Plate....

This is my all time favorite cake plate. I have no idea who issued the plate. But it looks and feels like those Fire King, Jane Ray Vitrock plates. 

This lovely picture is from:

My sister has a great set of this Fire King Vitrock dinnerware. And the blue trim comes in many tone's. So it can take a while, to build a set, where the blue trim looks all matchy-matchy. 

This Vitrock pattern has a very unique feel to the glass. It is not a lightweight item. It also chips a little too easy. But I still love it and it makes a gorgeous table when set out for dinner.

This Summer I stumble across a pink and white cake plate. It has the same feel as this Fire King. And it has the same odd ring pattern on the bottom. It is "marked" Made in USA in the dead center of the inner ring. I like to know more about this plate. I would like to think that there may be some dinner plates out there to match.

The cake plate is 11 3/4 inches across.  If anyone recognize the maker of this plate I like to hear about it. (I got an ID... it's MacBeth Evans Cremax)

Then there is this dazzling melmac plate by Lucent. Also a larger plate that can hold a cake and look great doing it. 

Pink Pyrex... with the odd lid....

This used to be my standard "make a dip" and take it to a party Pyrex. It has this wonderful aluminum lid. And it is a Pyrex issued lid. Though my camera can not capture the imprint on the dang lid.

The aluminum lid is marked on the inside:

Made in USA

Somehow this lovely covered dish ended up in the dishwasher of the Hostess. 

I had used my dish to transport zesty dip in... for a friend's baby shower. Since the baby was to be a girl... and I wanted to use my pretty pink Pyrex. To add a little jazz to the table of food. Somehow my beautiful bowl ended up in the dishwasher after the Shower. And its pretty shiny pink color came out dull.

Needless to say. I never used another piece of my pink Pyrex for any party... unless it is in my house.  :)  Where I can see what is in the dishwasher before it's turned on.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeannette measuring cups.... Jennyware

I have a lot of love for these Jeannette/Jennyware measuring cups. 

I have been working on trying to piece together a set of both colors... forever. There is a really cute set of mixing bowls that match them. But sadly I have none of them. Mostly cause I am too cheap to pay for them. 

I am still missing the smallest pink cup. But it gives me something to always hunt for on my adventures. I have found these cups at misc garage sales. I live in a town with a wonderful old town. Which makes garage sales a must do thing. Though I have come across these cups at local Antique shows. Unfortunately, their prices at the shows, gives me heart palpitations.

And here are the aquamarine color ones. These are the two smallest of the 4 piece set. I do hold out hope, I will get both these Jennyware sets finished. 

Ohhhh and here is the one lone delphite cup in the collection. 

Poor blue baby. 

After lurking and watching other delphite pieces selling on eBay...  I can tell I will probably never finish the set. The blue baby listed below, is the delphite one cup with a pour spout.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corning Blue Flowers... and their knockoff's.....

I am not sure how I amassed the collection of Blue Flower flatware that I presently own. 

It was not as if I had a collection of the Corning cookware and was on some crusade to collect it. I still only have the Corning pie plates in my kitchen. 

But I just started coming across the sets of these generic blue flower utensil's... still mint in package. And started buying them for daily use. 

For all my garage sale's, flea markets and thrift store adventures. I rarely come across any vintage pink utensils to purchase. And these darling blue flower items, by the Household line, are plentiful. 

These are the few I left in their original package. I really do have a drawer full of these I use daily. :) And they are really wonderful quality items. The knife's really do stay sharp. For being 40+ years old.

Vintage Kitchens...

I love this kitchen. This is my great Aunt Phenie's kitchen. Isn't that two tone paint job wonderful.  She was a lady who took great pride in her home. This is Phenie...

She made gorgeous linens and I love seeing her linen towels hanging in my own kitchen.  Matter of fact my header picture... showing the flower basket... is a piece of her work.

But I have to be honest, I am very thankful for my electric stove. I bet that beauty in her kitchen was a hot one to cook on.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink Pyrex...

It was probably around 1998 that I started to see the pink Pyrex show up in the antique stores and the flea markets. I had been buying the misc yellow/lime greenish color pieces. They were everywhere I looked. They did not match my vintage pink kitchen. But they were such a funky shade of yellow,  that I could not resist them.

Then one morning at the Whitewright Flea market... I saw my new love. Pink Pyrex.

Here was a gorgeous pink striped bowl... with its label intact! And there were two of them! I purchased both for 7.00. I have not ever gotten, another piece of pink Pyrex that cheap ever again.

The matching bowl was given as a gift to my sister. She too has love for the vintage kitchen glassware. Especially when they still have their label attached.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lots of love for Fire-King too!

Once upon a time I was collecting mixing bowls. Unfortunately, they require a lot of room to store in the cabinets. So I have placed two of my Fire King sets up high on the cabinet shelf... to make sure no one will randomly break one of them. 

The Black Dots set is mint. 

So mint that I bought them still in their original box with the Fire King insert in the bottom of the smallest bowl. Sadly, the box just crumble to dust. 

I also have the Red Dot set packed up somewhere. It was the Red Dot pepper shaker that started me on the quest to find the rest of the polka dot sets. So I have the mixing bowls, the grease jar w/white lid and the shakers for both colors.

The tulip set required a few years to piece together. They have always been grossly overpriced. Even in 1988. Seems like it was a good decade before I rounded up all four bowls. And the dang grease jar with a lid. The problem was the discoloration of the white bowl that stopped me from buying a lot of the ones I came across. I refuse to pay top price for a discolored bowl.

My love for the pink....

Loving pink... is such a common thing for so many girls.  Nothing stops me quicker at the flea market, than catching a glimpse of pink.

But I have to admit I love turquoise.

It started when it felt like I had purchased all the vintage pink kitchen stuff. And need a new color to collect. So I started gathering odd piece of turquoise kitchen glass here and there.

Yet to be fair, I do have a huge soft spot for green depression glass.  I have collected the Doric pattern since I was a teenager. (So that is a huge collection of glass I have packed away.)

But there is nothing better than a new piece of Pyrex. Pink Pyrex.